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Find all data related to any
specific United Kingdom Postcode

How OceanWave Data works as a postcode finder?

Enter your postcode without spaces in the search bar and you will get all related information on the same screen without navigating to another page. Such additional details include LEP areas and many other information you night need to know.

Why choose OceanWave Data and what are the benefits?

OceanWave Data is a free website to look up any geographical and administrative information related to any United Kingdom postcode. Once you search for a postcode you will get all geo and administrative information related to it.

What can I find on OceanWave Data?

A full postcode can tell you if a postcode is in any given LEP area, for example, to see if it is eligible for specific grants or funding. you can find a lot more information on the website to make all information in one place for you.

The Postcode

In the United Kingdom, the postcode lottery is the unequal provision of services such as healthcare, education, and insurance prices depending on the geographic area or postcode.

Furthermore, Postcodes were devised solely for the purposes of sorting and directing mail and rarely coincide with political boundaries.

However, over time they have become a geographical reference in their own right with postcodes.

Furthermore, postcode groups becoming synonymous with certain towns and districts.

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