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About Geo OceanWave Data

Geospatial data services apply digital technology to address the mapping needs of the customers. OceanWave Data solves business intelligence problems across sectors and industries. OceanWave Data delivers geographic information services like mapping, collection, gathering, storing, processing, integrating, managing, analysing, and mapping data.
Some areas of expertise and service delivery of OceanWaveData are:
  • Strategic support
  • Mapping and analysis
  • Data acquisition and processing
  • Application development
OceanWaveData provides organisations of all shapes and sizes with geographic information and digital mapping solutions to enable informed business decisions.

Geo OceanWave Data Analytics

OceanWaveData services can capture, convert and source several types of GIS mapping data. OceanWaveData can also help with the design and creation of relational GIS mapping databases and visualisation tools. Our focus is mostly on the United Kingdom datasets, but we can expand into Worldwide GIS mapping data on specific projects.

Strategic support

  • Strategic support
    • Client/user requirement analysis
    • Project protocols and standards development and implementation
    • Geographic Information System (GIS) strategy and business case development
    • Spatial data structure design and implementation
    • System integration
    • GIS resource provision/GIS recruitment assistance

Mapping and Analysis

  • Mapping and analysis
    • Mapping and cartography
    • Spatial analysis and modelling
  • Data acquisition and processing
    • Database design and development for desktop, web and GIS
    • Data management
    • Data capture

Geospatial and Data Services

OceanWaveData uses geospatial technologies and processes to capture, analyse, store, manipulate and present multiple types of spatial information to address our clients’ most complex challenges.

Application development

  • Application development
    • Web GIS
    • Desktop and web analytical and reporting systems
    • Mobile applications
    • Spatial/non-spatial Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tool creation

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